Jaehan educational foundation was approved by the Korean government and Daegu oriental medical college was established in December 1980. The first class of 108 pre-med of traditional medicine began in 1981. Daegu oriental medical college medical center was established in Daegu city in 1983.

In May 1983, a graduate program was approved at Daegu oriental medical college. The first degrees were awarded by this institute in February 1986. In December 1990, Daegu oriental medical college became a four year university known as Gyeongsan University. In January 1996 the university divided the academic courses into five colleges such as Korean studies, humanities, natural sciences and architecture, and oriental medicine. In November 1997, the college system became faculty system. In June 1998, an affiliated oriental medical hospital was established in Gumi and in April 2000, another hospital was established in Pohang. In November 2002, an international symposium on globalization and modernization of oriental medicine was held at the auspice of this university with World Health Organization, Beijing University and Minnesota University. In April 2003, this university was reorganized to be specialized in Bio-Technology (BT), Culture Technology(CT) and Information Technology (CT). In the same year the name of the university became Daegu Haany University. In May 2004, the University enterprise of cosmetics was established. In October 2007, medical care center for the elderly was established in Munkyong. In May 2008, University east and west medical center was established. In February 2010, this university took over the former Asia university campus. In August 2010 this university observed the 30th anniversary of the foundation.