Table of Organization

Office of academic affairs
  • Academic administration team
  • Academic affairs support section
  • Faculty member support center
Office of student employment support
  • Student service team
  • Student activity support center
  • Student employment support center
  • Handicapped student support center
Office of Planning and research support
  • Planning and programming team
  • Audit and evaluation team
Office of Administration
  • General administration team
  • Finance team
  • Facility maintenance team
  • Military reserve administration team
Office of Admission
  • Student admission team
Office of public relations
  • Public relations team
  • External Affairs & Development
  • Kirin volunteer service team
Office of academic information services
  • Academic information service team
Office of cooperation group
  • Academic information service team
  • Venture business support team
Graduate schools
  • Administration team
  • Administration team
  • Curators
Residence halls
  • Administration team
Continuing education institute
  • Administration team
International Language Institute
  • Administration team
Media Center
  • Staff
Health Center
  • Staff
  • Staff
University Enterprise
  • Management support team
Central Lab Equipment Control Office
  • Management team
Reserve Officers' Training Corps
  • Staff officers