College of Herbal Bio-industry

College of Herbal Bio-industry

Department of Herbal Pharmaceutical Engineering

This department offers courses needed for developing oriental medicinal products to promote health of the people. Students are trained in the basic science and medicinal plants to cultivate technical skills.

Department of Herbal Medical Pharmacology

This department offers courses for the students who will be professionals in the field of herbal medicine. The courses include development of new medical herb resources, production and maintenance of medicinal plants, isolation of biologically active compounds, and quality control of medicinal plants.

Department of Herbal Foodceutical Science

This department combines the field of food science with herbal medicine resources useful for health promotion, disease prevention, and medical treatment. This department offers courses of basic food science and biotechnology and medicinal plants used for foods.

Faculty of Herbal Cuisine and Nutrition

Department of Food and Cuisine / Department of Food and Nutrition

The faculty offers courses of basic food science and culinary arts for the students who will be the leaders in food service industry. Students learn theories of cooking, preservation, and development of traditional herbal foods which are used as oriental medical treatment.

Department of Oriental Biomedical Engineering

This department offers courses needed for design and development of medical instruments and therapeutic equipment. The graduates will work as medical equipment engineers in the field of medical and health industry.

Department of Cosmeceutical Science

This department offers basic and applied cosmetic science. Students learn theories and they are trained in the laboratory. The graduates are working in the field of cosmetic industries. The demand is very high and all of the graduates were employed after school.

Department of Herbal Skin Care

This department pursues the cultivation of creative and promising specialists with theoretical knowledge, sensitivity, practical skill and business management. The graduates work as cosmetic managers and skin care specialists.