College of Health & Therapy

College of Health & Therapy

Faculty of Health Science

Department of Health Care Management / Department of Occupational Safety and Health

The educational objectives of the faculty are to iron the problems in citizens' health and safety out efficiently and to cultivate the theoretically and practically qualified specialists who will contribute to the promotion of health and the safety of workers and citizens.

Department of Safety and Environmental Prevention

This department offers students knowledges and skills on environmental protection and fire safety. They can work in the fields of environmental protection and fire safety. The demand of these professionals is very high now in Korea.

Department of Secondary Special Education

The department teaches and trains students to produce special education teachers who educate children with mental and physical disabilities. This department offers courses on the theoretical and practical aspects of special education. Upon graduation, the students acquire level ll special secondary school teacher certificates.

Department of Medical Management

This department nurtures professional managers in the field of hospital management. This department offers courses in hospital management, e-health and administration of oriental medical facilities.

Department of Oriental Art Therapy

This department prepares students to work as art therapists who play a leading role in an area of health and alternative medicine. This department is highly specialized and promising both now and in the future.

Department of Rehabilitation Education and Counseling

This department teaches students to be experts in the field of rehabilitation education and rehabilitative counseling, and psychological rehabilitation. The graduates are expected to have expertise and rich experience of services based on the affection for people who need help.

Department of Oriental Sports Medicine

This department aims to produce experts specialized in life style disease prevention and health promotion. Students will also participate in research on the acclimatization and promotion of the athletes in the changed environment based on the analysis of the effects of exercises.

Department of Physical Therapy

This department trains students to become health professionals providing physical therapy to the patients who need rehabilitation. This department offers courses of physiology, anatomy and basic sciences needed for the professional in this field.

Department of Clinical Laboratory Science

Clinical pathology is one of the fields in medical life science. Students are trained in core technologies of diagnostic medicine concerned with diagnosis, treatment, progress, and prognosis of diseases.