College of Well-being

College of Well-being

Department of Adolescent Education and Counseling

This department provides the curricula for the students to understand the adolescents' behaviors, thoughts, and characters. Along with training in the theories of adolescent education and counseling, students will acquire professional teaching skills.

Department of Child Welfare

The mission of this department is to educate highly qualified experts to acquire extensive knowledge about the infants' and children's nature and to put it into practice uprightly.

Department of Welfare for the Elderly

The objectives of this department are to cultivate the theoretical and practical work force in the seniors' welfare industry to manage seniors' living, health and social activities and to cope with changing environment.

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

This faculty is composed of architecture major and civil engineering major. The architecture major fosters the capability of applying the science and technology to the architecture to offer vision about more efficient living. Civil engineering major studies the supply of infrastructures such as housing, industrial complex, and transportation in the ways to advance the human living conditions.

Department of Interior Architecture

The objectives of this department are to cultivate the interior architect with theoretical knowledge and practical competence. The department offers courses to foster the student's balanced scientific thoughts and aesthetic sense of modeling for the architecture.

Department of Resort Development

With the purpose of providing creative and competent professionals who can cope with the requests of a changing society, the department provides courses of theoretical and practical planning and designing programs and site-training essential to the environmental design.

Department of Asset Management

The educational objectives of this department are to nurture the composite asset managers capable of the composite management of the finance and real estate in the legal, economic, and technical aspects.

Department of Gerokinesiology and Sports Industry

This department provides students with the background of knowledge and skills necessary to development and teaches a variety of fitness and mobility enhancement classes and/or personalized training and rehabilitation programs for older adults. This advising programs also provides students for advanced study in geriatric pathokinesiology. Korea is experiencing gray society and the demand of professionals is very high.

Faculty of Fashion and Communication Design

Department of Fashion and Beauty / Department of Communication Design

Students are given various chances of choosing their majors through departmental system which enables systematic theoretical education and creative practical training. The top priority of this faculty is to educate characteristic and efficient fashion and graphic designers of ability and of artistic talents.