International College of Culture and Information

International College of Culture and Information

Faculty of Korean Language and Literature

Department of Korean Language / Department of Sino-Korean Language and Literature

This faculty offers courses on linguistic skills in Korean and Chinese. The graduates have good opportunities to work in educational system and/or in the business sector. This faculty tries to place the graduates in the private and public sectors.

Faculty of Foreign languages

Department of English and TESOL / Department of Japanese

This faculty aims to produce international oriented professionals by offering courses in foreign language skills and through exchange student programs in the United States of America and Japan. The graduates will have excellent command of English and Japanese along with competence.

Faculty of Chinese Studies

China has been the biggest trading partner of Republic of Korea and this faculty aims to nurture international experts, through systematical education in Chinese language, politics, economics, society, and culture. The students will have sophisticated international sense which is needed in the 21st century.

Department of Tourism and leisure

This department offers courses on culture and tourism to the students who will play leading roles in tourism and leisure industry. This department offers on-site classes to provide career-oriented education.

Faculty of Marketing Channels and Economics

Department of Tax Finances / Department of Marketing Channels and Logistics

This faculty is composed of tax finance major and marketing channels and logistics major. The department of tax finance offers courses to produce tax financial experts who are in great need nowadays. The department of Marketing channels and logistics offers courses on marketing and business administration focused on herbal medical products.

Department of Police Administration

This department offers courses of law enforcement for the students who will work in the field of criminal justice and police departments. The demand of law enforcement personnel is increasing in the local and regional governments.

Faculty of Mobile Contents

Department of IT Contents / Department of Games

The faculty aims to serve as an incubator of manpower theoretically and practically competent in the production and administration of various multimedia based contents. The faculty developed educational programs, such as academy-industry cooperative project, professional workshops in information technology, and internships which was designed to serve and meet the demands of IT and game industries.

Department of Medical Information Technology

This department provides students with the background knowledge and skills necessary to be professionals in medical information technology. Health care providers can better manage patient care through secure and sharing information by medical information technology.